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tv   BBC World News  PBS  January 25, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> union bank has put its financial strength to wo for a wide range of mpanies, from small businees to major corpations. whatan we do for you? >> and n "bbc world news >> he ordered e killingf 5,000 iraqi kurds. today the man known as cmical ali s executed in iraq. posssions but little hope of survivors from the ethiopian airlines plane that's crashed f the coastf lebanon. mission: imssible. e british and irish prime misters are trying toave the northern ireland pow shing aeement. weome to "bbc world ns." cong up late ev for you, ter at your own risk, two
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weeks after the ethquake, we take you insideaiti's most notorious um. >> oh, my goodness. and sending up raal bigotry. musical comedy about australia's indigenous people. >> hello to saam hussein's cousin and rig-hand man, knowas cmical ali, has been hanged in iraq. la week heeceived his fourth death sentee for his mo notorious act, orderg the killingf 5,000 kurds in s attack on a village in 1988. as news of his executi broke, three car bombs i baghdad killed more than 30 people and woundedozens.
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>> the moment thatealed chemal i's fate and he seems to know it. god be praised he said twice as the judge sentend him to hang. it was the fourtheath ntence he'd received in the past three years. everybody knew there would be no fifth. this was the atroty for which chemical ali was given his nal death sentence, the killing of some 05,000 civilians in a chemical attack in 198 for the kurds thi was an iconic event stimbolizing the traumas th suffered under ddam hussein. th wanted chemical alio hang for this. but as saddam's chief enfcer, chemical ali also sprheaded the brutal represon of the majority shi'ite community, too. two of his death sentencesere for his role in putting down shi'ite revolts inhe south in 19 and 1999.
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news of the nging came hot on the heels of the latest bomb attacks in baghdad. three separate suide car bomb blasts cried out in swift succession near big hotels in the midd of the city. there d been many predictions that more such sikes would be mounted wi the approach of general elections in early march. the idea being to make iraq look unable and uafe. as night fell over iraq, the kurds in the north and the shi'ites in the soh were celebring the execution of chemical ali. a man who for themersonified the eils of saddam husse's regime aost as muchs saddam hielf. but the latest bmbings came as a harsh reminder that the couny's woes are still far fr over. >> hopes are fadingor any rvivors from an etopian airlines plane tha crashed in ormy weatr shortly after takeoff from the lebon capil beirut. witnesses saw it fall into the sea in flames. 90 peoe, most of them lebanon
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or ethpian, were on the flight. upwards of 20 bodiesave been recovered soar. >> thisother has just learned that h son w in the plane that crash into the sea. at the beirut airport, dozens of relativ spend theay in agonizinwait for a news. the united nations st ships and helicopters to reinforce the search and rescue operation and a.s. military vesl is on i way but chces of finding anyone whois alivare slim. the ethiopian r flight crasd into the mediteanean just minutes aft takeoff. some eyewitnesses said they saw a ball of fire plungento the sea. >>it was about 2:35, we sw a big fire between tse two buildings. we camout here andaw the ple crash into te s.
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>> the pne was carrying 90 people. incling citizens of britain, canada and france. but most of thos onboard were from lebanon and hiopia. from onef the rescue helicopters the lebanese prime minier saw the crash scene for himself. the government is waiting for the rsults of an investigation, but everyone seems to blame the weather. it has been raing here and the pla took off during the storm. it's very ld her very wndy and you can just imagi hw rough it st be out there but people who gathered here watcng this scue operaon e clinging onto hope. but their hopes are quickly fading. towas the evening, many o their relatives leave fm the airport to one of beirut hospitals. th queued, trying to get inside the morgue where bodies
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pulledut from the sea are waiting to be identified. this wman loster younger brother. she told me, with him she lost her lfe, her happines. ny people here feel the sam >> france is saying it will not send any more combat tros to afghanista president sarkoz made the pledge during a television interview. he said more trainers and cilian helpers may be sent. all this ahead of an international conferencen afanistan to be held in lond on thursday. morehan 300 people have been arreed for recent violee betweechristians and muslims in nigeria. officials sa 326 peop died in the unrest. many thousands more are sti dispced from their homes.
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the paraguayan iernational footbaer is in a critical condition in mexico city. was shot inthe head at a bar. he had bn playing in mexico fo seven years. he was expected to apar at this year's world cup. two suspects have been arrested. it's phrase you hear a lot in the media but tse reallyre crisis talks under way now in northern irend to try to prevent e power sharing government from collapng. it took risks because relions between the parties have broken down. they're at odds over the issues of poling and parades. the report does contain som flash photography. >> the sudden arival in belfast of a prime minister is a sure sign thatthere's trouble bwing. the itish and irish prime ministers are here and the intent to- and they intd to stay until they can fx the problem. and overnight --n overnigh gun attack in a police station. it showed just how delicate the situation is in northern
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ireland. it wasarried out by dissident republics trying to wreck the peacprocess. there'no prospect of a return to full-scale violence, but there is a full-scale polital crisis. the assbly is close to coapse after a breakdown in relations between the unionist pay. as the two sid prepareto meet at lunch time,he strain was starting to ow. >> i have been at pains to me this place wk. it's been life's worover the course of recent times because i passnately believe. >>ut the 45-minu meeting he en had with the d.u.p. leader did not go wl. fact it seemed to make a bad situion worse. this news was quily relayed the british and irish prime ministers whoere meeting at dining street. they immediely announcedthey were cominto belfast to try to save it.
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>> wbelieve it is right for northernreland to move forward in this y now and believthat together we ca assist t coletion of these talks. >> 12 years ago the sning of the good friday reement suggested politic stability in nthern ireland w possible. but the friction beten the parties has neve totally gone away. they're still arguing abt hi contentn orange order marches suld be handled and the issue that it break is over where placing powers shou bedy involved he there london. onhe streets of belfast this evening, the message tthe politicians fromost people was, is time fornother deal. >> sometng has to be sorted out. you can't just go on fighting one other. >> i tell you the honest truth, a bit of common sense and it will a be over >> this evening the parties arved at theast toll talk about the issueswith the two prime ministerless. buthere was no sign of any al progress. >> ion't know ere we are
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tonight. simply for the reasons that they have decided to row this hi fit over not getting their way. >> the blame game isoing on in public but thereal business is being don in ivate. and while they' still talking herethere's still a chan of a deal. >> nearly two weeks after the earthquake in haitin internional conference is under way in canadato discuss how rebuild. e united nations and the worlbank are tang part. dayt was said e reconstructi could take up to a decade. that can't en start until authorities t a ipn crime andisorder. >> enterat your own risk. is is city solai,aiti's most notorious sm. a placwhere turf wars between rival ggs have left their
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mark. there was other shootout just last night. and every da tre are two or three gunshot victims renee is tended by hisephew, nny. he was shot in bro daylight in t neighboring slum. i was on mmotorike and three guys ca, he said. they told me to kneel down. they took the bike and shot me twice. he's the only one left wh loves me, ronny says. helready lt his fatr in thearthquake. on t streets day no sign of the lice, just u.n. troops keeping order at an a distrition. since the rthquake, there's a new dger. more than 4,000 prisoners esped from the capital's main ja. the local prosecutor sa
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ey're back on their beats in the city. >> the isoners came back he with gunin thei hands to terrorize thpopulation but we as the local authities aren't going to let that happen. >> plenty of people here aren't so sure about tha in the backtreets we found some too scared to move. wee now deep in the heart of the sl and we're on our way to meet e congregation of a local church now, it's the women whoare gathered here, they've been here together night and day since the eahquake took place. theye singing and praying constant, they want to me enough noise to keep the gangs away. they say theirreatest strength is in numbers and theirreatest fear is rape. hungry, thirsty and tid they raise their voices for hours on end, theirnly weapon in this
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dangerous place. >> thanks f watching "bbc world news." do stay if you can. still to come, global warming. why a mistake by experts thre yearsgo is still causing controversy. first for scots across the globe,his is a da to celebrate the national poet, robert burns. but this year the scottis governnt is about to publish a bill on whether scotland should break ay from e u.k. >> they're cebrating the life of roberturns, the sttish parliant. the tional poet's birthday is a good reason as any thw a party. upstairsre the offices of the fit minister who ardently believes in indendence. and thisear he wantso hold a refendum on whether
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scland should go it alone. >> scotland would be responsible for rning its own fairs, itsconomy, its international relationshi, its negotiatto be part of the wider community of nations fr the euroan union, f the united natns, for whatever trade agreement the scottish government entered into. scotland would be responsible for nning its affairs just ke any other normal country. >> but lesshan 1/3 scots support his goal and cause he leadthe minority government, his referendum plans will so belocked by the rest the political parties here. some unionommentaters have suggested it might be time to call his bluff and give him the rerendum he so longs for. the calculation is that if one wa held now he' lose it and that wou kick the issuento the longrass for perhaps another genetion. ast is the oosition parti are stl refusing to aow him
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to have his way. the recent banking cris wi its huge state baouts have left nationalists wi some difficult quesons about the potential cost of independen. solaying the long me may actually suit alex at let for now. >> latt headlines for you this hour on "bbc wor news." chemical ali, right hand man o the former aqi leader saddam hussein has been executed. lebanon is sayg the ethpian plane that crashed o the coast of the country earlier today with 90 onboard was probably brought down by bad weather. the head of the u.n. leading panel on cmate change is saying he won't resign. despite the claims which have now turned out to be false about the derioration of himalayanglaceyers. the mistake in a report thre
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years ago was hanen error ad it doesn change the fact that e world's gceyers are melting -- glacers are melting. >> he's the u.n.'s p climate scientist, head ofhe intergovernmenl panel on climat change, the ipcc. now under essure because of research that turned out to be wrong. t tonight he told us he wa staying put. >> i want to tell the skeptics, i want to tell peoplehoee me as the fa and the voice of the times of climat chang that i'm in no mood to oblige them. i'm going remain the chairman of the ipcc. >> ts is what the estions are allbout the. the glaciers of the him leias and why the fate was a-- an assertion from comma group of them disappearing by 2035 is very high, a false claim that's new ammition for critics of
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the ipcc. >> it is aut the procs with which it comes to its conclusions, it's the process none really undetands how they picand choose, how ty emphasize certain problems d w they exaggerateertain potential risks. that is atssue here. >> further aegations focus on extreme weather and possible lis to globalwarming, but tonight the ipcc hit back, descring its tone as balanced and t section about thi contai many important equal fis. the findings othepcc are the starting point forll international debate abo climate changeand the panel still enys the support of countries ound the world. but tonight thman who used t run it a now works for the vernment said although the by as i --asic scien remains strongpeople might not beeve it. >> i'm very concerned becse the idence of climate change is extremely lid. the is in my inion no doubt that we humans are causing
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climate ange. t indeed it is undermining th confidencef indeed the blic and pentially some of the private sector and government >> less than thr years ago the ipcc rept was heralded as th definitive guide on global warming. a chame thas now unde closer scrutiny than ever. >> pice in venezuela hav fired tear gas and plastic bullets athousands of protesters they were monstrating at the government's dision to force six cable levision channel offair, includingone oposed to go chavez. the channels refused broadcast e president's speeches. re cases have emerged in cha of milk products coaminated with melamine. local rerts say health inspectors fou traces of melamine in products from three different compaes. at lea three policen hav been killed by a bomb explosion in somaland. two offics were also jured
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by the blast near a mosqu. in neighboring somali, the african union peace keeping mission says several people died in explosion at one of its medal centersn the capital, mogadishu. votersn sri lanka a about to choose eir next prident afte a bitter election campaign. lls open tomorrow. this is the firs election since the tiger rebels were defeated lasyear after 25 yearsf war. he's been challenged his form army chief and friend. >> this habeen onef the nastiestost violent campais in sri lankan elral history. in the dead of night ts rent petroleumomb attack targeted a key opposition. there haveeen nrly 900 violent incidents. most, though not all, complats have been against theresident's camp.
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>> i know h ways, i have been very close to him for years. he personally guid these ople. >> theresident's am denied involvemenand condemned such attas. i have lank 's government won a crushing victory against t tigers ciming to have wiped ouerrorism. buthis mpaign has laid bare the violence withi the society as well, as both main candidates and their camp fight bitterly about who should take the credit for the w viory. general n secretaryo says he's the man who derves the credit. he rted the rebels but n al bring change and clean potics. when he called the electioin october, h didn't eect any
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strong cpetition. now t president's camp pours scorn his rival, denouncing him a a terrost sympathizer and insisting th war victory wa masterminded by the president. >> [inaudible] people are very gratefuln sri lanka and they'll be voting for the president. >> at this tempo,hildren -- temple, children receive their daily schoolin most are devout buddhis. many buddhist monks have become politicized, vocly supportg the war effort. now the holyen are spli on whom to support and some have voiced ccern at the violence. >> we expect free and fa elecons. wesk all candidateto remember the religion of mpassion.
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>> minority muslim vos will count this election, butthe rhetoric about the war victory and priotism is addressed stly at the mjority. they'll have t biggest re in deciding between ctinuity an change inhis hd-fought race. >> just over a week now and we'llnow which films are up for oscars this year. e australianilm already atacting attention is "rand ne day." a musical comedy by an aboriginal dictor. it's trying to make australians ugh rather than make people fe guilty abo what li's like for the aboriginal communy. >> the premier of australia's latest boxffice hopeful. >> i don't know where tstay. >> it's an indigenous film, normly a ratherleak a somber sin mac genre
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t this one is designe to be daling. "brand new day" is a musical comedy set in e late 1960's when be a ridgens were ining greater acctance and recognition. but mained still thevictims of widesead discriminatn. yet rather than cus solely o the negateaspects of the digenous experience, it showcases the joys and abundant. >>t's ok to laugh at aboriginal stuffbecause previous they'd never been able to. so hopefully brand neway will free them upto think, ok, it's ok to have a joke wh origines. the's not going to b some angry original person saying, don't laugh at. that this is very serious stuff.
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>> is already bn a strong 12 months for indigenous lms. this is the moe "samon and delih." widely acclaed as low budget masterpie. an enchantin tale of adolescent love in a troled aboriginal community. it's aeady won the bestirst film pri and is a peful for best forgn film of the oscars it's also been seen as something of a breakthrough because attracted a big mainstream australian audience. >>t's an exception alley goo fi so i think it's t the ability to cross a lot of rriers simply because it's so good by i do take heart from it, i do think there's room to be optimistic about mainstream australia becoming interested indigenou australian sties. >> it's to transte critical acclaim toommercial sucss. the award-winng "sampson and delighta" did just that but it
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ill eaed five times ss thanastear's highest grsing home grownovie. the "brand new day" hos to sh in by charmg its audiences rather tha confronting them >> finall the world's first fi shot entirely chapel by zpis ito be boadcast by the -- chimnzees is to be broaast by the bbc. they usea chimp-pof camera. the film-making exercise all part o a scientific study on w chimpanzees perceive the world and eachther. despite the fact the champs have never takenart in a research pject before, they seed to display an intest in film making. that is just about it for me and the te for now t you can follow what we're worki on 24 hours a day on the "b
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world news" fabook page and if twier is you thing i'm there. thks for being with us on bc world news." saddam hussein cousin and righthand man, chemical ali, has been hanged in iraq lasteek he receivedis fourtheath sentence. much more any me you want it on >> funding was madpossible by e freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. nean's own foundation. the john d. and catherine macarthur foundaon. d union ban
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